When Egypt targets journalists, denial remains the name of the game (Daily News Egypt)

When Egypt targets journalistsOn 29 December, 2013, three journalists working for the Al Jazeera English TV channel in Egypt – the Cairo Bureau Chief Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian, Peter Greste, a renowned Australian journalist, and the Egyptian Producer Baher Mohamed – were arrested in their rooms of the Marriott Hotel in Cairo, their equipment was confiscated, and they were taken to the high security prison Tora, were high-profile leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, declared by the Egyptian government to be “terrorists”, are currently held.

For weeks no charges were laid against these journalists and Egypt refused to give any legal explanation. The Cairo Bureau Chief Fahmy was reportedly treated the worst of the three detained. While all had to suffer under solitary confinement, Fahmy got a “special” serving by continuously not being allowed medical treatment for a broken shoulder and having to sleep on the cold concrete floor in a cockroach-infested cell with no daylight.

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If you want to know details how the Canadian government of Prime Minister Harper is failing the Canadian-Egyptian citizen Mohamed Fahmy, read my blogpost detailing the incredible telephone conversation with the spokesperson to Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird:

How the Harper government fails Canadian journalist in Egyptian jail

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